Thursday, May 10, 2012

Prayer Community

     How do you connect with people to pray and reflect on the Mass readings when you're homebound?  We have a wonderful group of ladies from the Legion of Mary that bring home Communion almost weekly---and that is quite a blessing!  Still, I felt that we (or at least I) was missing out on a feeling of community, being a part of a community. 
     Earlier this week, I stumbled across Elizabeth's website and discovered a treasure trove!  Boo has been asking daily to see the roses that she photographed in her yard and to have parts of the entry reread.  I appreciate the way Elizabeth provided thoughts on the Mass readings that were easily grasped by Boo (and myself) and that continue to provide foder for our daily conversations.  In addition, because she asked for prayer requests, there is a way for us to participate.  And isn't lifting each other up in prayer one of the things we, as Christians, are supposed to do?  Remembering the prayer requests daily has been a tremendous way for us to feel a part of this community.
     This is definitely a site you'll want to investigate!
     Lord, Hear Our Prayer

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