Friday, May 4, 2012

Seven Quick Takes

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This has been one of those quiet weeks. Sometimes I feel like I'm neglecting things when we have a week that is so peaceful. The reality is that the absence of immediate health issues and downright chaos leaves me with extra time and emotional energy. I guess I'm not used to that anymore. It seems like I usually spend too much time dealing with minor flare-ups and feeling frustrated. Did I make the best use of my extra time and accomplish some of my unfinished projects? Nope...mostly I just enjoyed the peace.


I've started reading The Stolen Crown, by Susan Higginbothan. This was Barnes and Noble's freebie for Nook last week. I've really enjoyed it. In fact, I started reading it to Boo. He lasted through three chapters and announced that he just wasn't in the mood for anything historical. Oh well... We are still reading The Wind in the Willows. Boo only wants a chapter read every two or three days. So, we're reading it at a very leisurely pace.


My major chore this coming week will be to wash, mend and pack away winter clothes AND to unpack, wash and check out our summer clothes. I suspect that Boo will need new pants. He's rather fond of elastic waist pants. They're easier for him to handle by himself. Can I find summer weight elastic waist pants for him anywhere? No indeed. I suppose one of my next projects will be to sew some for him to wear around the house. (One of the Wal-Marts in a neighboring town has a fabric section!!! Inexpensive fabric and patterns.) Now to find the time to sew...without “help” from our inquisitive cat.


Boo's been using his mini exercycle daily. He completes two fifteen minute sessions using his feet. Since Monday he's also doing an eight to ten minute session using his hands. While I never considered using it for upper body training, he obviously did. Yeah Boo! He's used water bottles successfully as free weights for over two years without a mishap. That ended Sunday when he dropped one of the water bottles and was soaked. His face, shirt, pants, socks and shoes were drenched. His comment at the time was, “I feel very squishy and squashy.”


Boo was inspired by a photo of a table top Mary garden that I showed him on the internet. This coming week we'll be making one. I hope I can convince him to come with me to choose plants. It seems like a nice, safe outing. What could go wrong at a garden center? (I'll likely be able to answer that question this week-end.) Besides, the one who is inspired to make the garden should really be the one to choose the plants and design it, right?


On Netflix this week, Boo watched Tigers of the Snow, a National Geographic documentary. He really seemed to like it and was disappointed that Boudreaux was completely disinterested in it. Boudreaux was plotting against the squirrels and birds from the safety of the window sill at the time. Real life trumps TV any day.


Last night Judy made tacos. Boo elected not to eat any at supper. He likes tacos and likes anything Judy cooks. Maybe he just wasn't in a taco mood, who knows? At 11 o'clock last night, he woke from a seemingly sound sleep and announced that it was time to eat tacos. So, in the interest of encouraging his appetite, I fixed tacos. Boudreaux and his friend, Romeo, must have decided that if humans get a middle of the night snack, then surely cats should too. They, little pigs that they are, have just finished a second can of cat food.

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